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This page displays forthcoming performers by market and allows musicians access to Musician Central. From there musicians can:

  • Register with us to receive offers to play at the markets.
  • Provide and update any of their information.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions and discover the answers to many of theit questions.
  • Check their bookings.

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Forthcoming Performers

Market Performer Date
Addison Road Ian Tallis 18/03/12
Addison Road Freddie White 25/03/12
Addison Road Graham & Jenny Griffith 01/04/12
Addison Road Terry Warren Mocsari 15/04/12
Addison Road campbell atkins 22/04/12
DB campbell atkins 15/03/12
DB campbell atkins 05/04/12
DB Terry Warren Mocsari 12/04/12
Frenchs Forest Terry Warren Mocsari 18/03/12
Frenchs Forest campbell atkins 25/03/12
Frenchs Forest Paul Sun 01/04/12
Frenchs Forest campbell atkins 08/04/12
Frenchs Forest Carlos Alberto Perez 15/04/12
Frenchs Forest Terry Warren Mocsari 22/04/12
Frenchs Forest Hamish Baker 29/04/12
Orange Grove, Leichhardt campbell atkins 17/03/12
Orange Grove, Leichhardt felix Cuba Zurita 31/03/12
Orange Grove, Leichhardt Carlos Alberto Perez 07/04/12
Orange Grove, Leichhardt Terry Warren Mocsari 14/04/12
Riverside Mardi Pannan 31/03/12
Riverside Carlos Alberto Perez 14/04/12
Riverside Terry Warren Mocsari 21/04/12