A Good Look at Black Chicken Remedies

Black Chicken Remedies image by Organic Food and Farmers Markets

All you need to know about Black Chicken skin care products

Are you interested in so called Black Chicken remedies and what they can actually do for you? What makes it different from most other skin care products in the country? These are all perfectly good questions particularly if you’re concerned about introducing potentially toxic substances into your body through your skin.

Now in this piece, we aim to provide a glimpse of the philosophy behind Black Chicken skin care products and what you can expect out of it. Let’s get right to it!

All about Black Chicken Remedies

Now one of the fist things that you might be wondering about is the unusual name? Might seem weird for a company that deals in skin care products but there’s certainly a relevant and interesting story behind it. You see the name Black Chicken is actually derived from legends; one that has been worshiped in many traditional communities for centuries. The Black Chicken is said to have magical healing powers and inspired people to make good use of what nature has to offer for their medical needs.

Of course there’s nothing “magical” about their products like their Black Chicken body oil or the Black Chicken organic deodorant paste. These products have all been scientifically proven and produced as highly effective skin care products minus any harsh chemical ingredients found on most other skin care products in the market.

Indeed the use of all natural ingredients from their balm and essential oils to their Black Chicken organic moisture surge serum has made the brand very popular in the skin care industry. This is in line with the company’s endeavour to create skin care products that are as natural as possible and do not cause the body any harm. This is ideal for vegans or people  with sensitive skin who are simply looking for an all natural alternative to the chemical and synthetic ingredients often found in most other skin care products in the market.

Yet another great thing about Black Chicken Remedies is that no animal testing is involved in its manufacture nor does the brand maintain any ties with companies and other suppliers that does. All of their products are made with no animal ingredients except for the “Balm of Ages” which contains bee wax. If you consider yourself a true vegan, then it’s all the more reason to switch brands for your skin care needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Burt’s Bees Skin Care Products

Image of burt'sbees skin care products by Organic Food and Farmers Markets

All you need to know about Burt’s Bees products

Do you have a question about Burt’s Bees and their range of skin care products? Over the years, we have grown conscious about the stuff that we’re putting into our bodies and skin care products are definitely no exception.

Burt’s bees products are one of few brands in the market that had risen to address the call for organic and completely natural skin care products that contain no artificial and potentially toxic ingredients. Does it really fit the bill though? In this piece we’ll tackle a few commonly asked questions that people have about the brand.

Does Burt’s Bees use any chemicals or preservatives in any of their products?

Definitely not and the brand prides itself in being one of well respected names in organic skin care products. From Burt’s Bees Wax and Burt’s Bees lip balm to their full range of products; none contain any synthetic ingredients or chemicals that may harm the body.

Do they use animal by-products?

Some like the brand’s line organic lip balm do contain ingredients sourced from animals although these are only limited to milk, honey and royal jelly. Ingredients that can be naturally obtained without causing animals harm. Hence many vegans still make good use of our products although they don’t specifically market their products for vegetarians. In any case you can check the list of ingredients indicated on the product’s packaging for reference.

How long does it last?

Burt’s bees products generally have a shelf life of up to 3 years. Once opened, they recommend using the product within a period of up to 12 months so long as it is stored away from direct sunlight and high temperature. In any case, you’d want to check the package for expiry dates and when it was manufactured.

Do they test on animals?

Burt’s Bees have a strict “no animal testing” policy nor do they affiliate themselves with suppliers that do. This is in line with their commitment to bring customers all natural and animal-friendly skin care products with proven health and beauty benefits.

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Getting Started with a 7 Day Detox Kit

Image of 7 day detox by Organic Food Farmers and Markets

Your options for the best detox cleanse

Are you interested in a so called 7 day detox kit and wondering about what it can do for you? What other popular options are available out there for a good detox cleansing? These are all perfectly good questions especially if you’re looking to adopt an organic detox solution that will get you feeling clean and healthy inside and out.

Now for most people, picking up a kit for a 7 day cleanse  is a great way to get started . Such a kit comes with everything you need from charcoal masks and body scrubs to internal cleansing detox products such as detox tea bags and a set of enema kits. You might be wondering though – is it really necessary?

The benefits of a natural detox cleanse

One thing that most people don’t realise is that the body naturally accumulates toxins over time from the environment and one’s food intake. Now this wasn’t really a problem centuries ago as there were hardly any chemicals or preservatives in food that warrants health concerns. Needless to say, that is certainly no longer the case. Coupled with a highly stressful lifestyle, the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself is often overwhelmed leading to a build up of waste and unwanted toxins in the body. Left unchecked, this can lead to a wide range of health problems like obesity, constipation and even cancer given the rise of toxicity levels in the body. Regularly undergoing some of the best detox cleanse in the market will help you eliminate embedded toxins in your body which is sure to have beneficial effects on the body.

Other natural detox cleanse

Of course picking up a 7 day detox kit isn’t the only way to cleanse your body from the inside out. Other solutions that are well worth considering include:

A detox diet plan

It’s a natural detox cleanse that you might want to check out especially if you’re more concerned about losing weight than anything else. While it doesn’t always work for everyone, the idea is to introduce no known toxins through your diet giving the body the time it needs to recuperate and restore its naturally ability to detoxify itself.

Detox supplements

Yet another detox cleansing solution is the intake of supplements with active ingredients specifically designed to help cleanse the body from the inside out. Such ingredients include Spirulina and Chlorella powder; both widely recognised as organic “super foods” that are jam packed with essential nutrients, nucleic and fatty acids, trace minerals and many more.

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